Fruth Family Fun Day

Point Pleasant, W.Va. (June 24, 2015) In the midst of a very rainy summer, families from Fruth Pharmacy were blessed with perfect weather to attend the Annual Fruth Family Fun Day event.

In attendance for this exciting were about 300 people. The event was held at the Valley Park and Wave Pool in Hurricane, WV. The afternoon Text Box: Fruth’s friendly staff welcoming everyone to the event.started with inflatables and a giant water slide for the kids. This year, each participant received a ticket and a chance to spin the Fruth Wheel of Fortune to win one of many great prizes. Adults and kids alike got a thrill by watching the wheel spin, hoping to land the big prize.

After a delicious picnic several large prizes were awarded by random drawing. Some of the large prizes included: 4 Kings Island tickets, autographed footballs, Best Buy and Subway gift cards. On site was The Huskey Ice Cream Truck which provided free ice cream cones for everyone. After enjoying food, prizes, and bounce houses the group moved to the Wave Pool for an evening of riding waves and slides. As the kids left for home after an exciting night, each child was given a glow-in-the-dark bracelet provided by Pharmacist Jamie Bennett.


Perfect weather, great food and good fellowship made this year’s Fun Day a huge success. Special thanks to everyone who made this day one to remember!


Fruth Pharmacy has been a family owned company for over 62 years. Currently, Fruth Pharmacy has over 28 stores in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. To learn more about Fruth Pharmacy, please visit our website at



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Fruth Pharmacy holds 24th Annual Golf Tournament Scholarship Fundraiser

Ravenswood, W.Va. (July 30, 2015) – On July 30th, Fruth Pharmacy held its annual golf tournament at Greenhills Country Club in Ravenswood, WV.

For 24 years, the golf tournament has been a tradition to help raise scholarship funds for deserving students at many local universities. Several scholarships provide an opportunity for Fruth employees or their children to seek a college degree. Fruth Pharmacy also contributes to the national NACDS Scholarship Program which provides scholarships to pharmacy students. Overall, Fruth Pharmacy and the Fruth Family support over 28 scholarships.

Vendors from all over the country came to Ravenswood to participate. These vendors generously donated funds, prizes, and other items needed for the event.

Golf tournament participants are treated to breakfast, lunch on the course, a drive-thru ice-cream stand, dinner, silent auction, putting and chipping contests, and door prizes for every golfer. All participants also receive a goody bag.

“I enjoy seeing the students that our scholarships have helped come out to participate. It’s good for the students to see how this event unfolds to raise money for their scholarships. It’s also great that our donors get the opportunity to meet and speak with our scholarship students,” Lynne Fruth, President for Fruth Pharmacy commented.

Fruth scholarship winners participate during the day by helping out as needed with the various contests, delivery of drink and food items, taking photos and more, during the tournament.

This year’s scholarship winners were: Marshall University – Ali Burdette, Dylan Lageman, Braxton Maddox, Bradley McCoy, Amanda McGhee, Jessica McGhee, Erik Vint, Devin Cottrill, Rachel Smith, Janae Cundiff, West Virginia University – Wesley Kafka, Kaitlyn McPherson, Katherine Jarrell, University of Rio Grande – Scarlett Denney, Tanisha Armstrong,

University of Charleston School of Pharmacy – Jeremy Arthur, Ojong Bate, Ohio State University – Christopher Salmons, Kelsey Turrill Ohio University Southern – Ashley Chapman, Winfield High – Jeremy Huff, Merryc Batt, Putnam County Math Field Day – Chance Williams, Elijah Schultz, Luke Neal, Parker Holstein, Lincoln Patton,

This year’s tournament winners were:

1st Place Team 3A

  • Bryan Stepp                   Ohio Valley Bank
  • Mario Libertore
  • Allen Bell
  • Ron Harris

2nd Place Team 6B

  • Amy Nelson                Fruth Pharmacy
  • Greg Christopfel          Merchandise, Inc.
  • Mark Williams             Mark Williams & Company
  • Tom Fink                     Spoontiques

3rd Place Team 7A

  • Dr. Bill Willan             Ohio University Southern
  • Don Moore
  • Joe Freeman
  • Evan Hill

4Th Place Team 12B

  • Wyatt Young               Arnett, Carbis, & Toothman
  • Rick Owens                 Sun Trust
  • Ed Moss                       Sun Trust
  • Steve Farkasovsky      Cardinal Health








Other Contest Winners:

Longest Putt – men’s Mike Davis – No women’s winner

Longest Drive – men’s John Disher – women’s Terry Potts

Closet to the Pin – men’s Allen Bell – women’s Terry Potts

Chipping Contest – iPad – Neil Schilling and Doug Bentz- tied

Putting Contest- 50/50Greg Trimble

If you are interested in helping to support these scholarships or would like more information on how to participate in the golf tournament, please contact, Sandy Keefer at 304-675-1612, ext. 118 or e-mail

If you are a student interested in applying for a scholarship, please visit

Fruth Pharmacy is a regional chain with 28 locations in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Fruth Pharmacy has served local communities for over 62 years.

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Fruth Pharmacy Says Goodbye to Bruce Scarberry

Point Pleasant, WV (June 24, 2015) – On Wednesday, June 24, 2015, Fruth Pharmacy said a sad farewell to Bruce Scarberry, an employee with Fruth Pharmacy for 40 years. Fruth Pharmacy Says Goodbye to Bruce Scarberry-2

Bruce served in the warehouse department at the corporate office.  He got his start with Fruth Pharmacy after high school.

“I was thinking of quitting school my senior year,” Scarberry shared during the opening of his retirement party, “when Mr. Fruth came up to me and told me that if I graduated from high school, he would give me a job.  He did, and I have been here since.”

Mr. Scarberry was presented with a plaque inscribed with thanks and his years of service.  He was also given a rocking chair to enjoy during his retirement, as well as other fun retirement gifts from fellow employees.

Fruth Pharmacy Says Goodbye to Bruce Scarberry-3“Bruce, I have always thought of your role in our business as similar to my mom’s role with my dad when he founded the company.  You quietly work in the background, making sure everything is going smoothly – you never get any recognition, but if it weren’t for you, things would not function as well.  You have been a dedicated worker for 40 years.  You are just like a brother to us Fruth kids.  You will be missed,” Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy stated as she awarded Bruce his service plaque.

Fruth Pharmacy has been a family owned company for over 62 years. Currently, Fruth Pharmacy has over 26 stores in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. To learn more about Fruth Pharmacy, please visit our website at

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Fruth Pharmacy Celebrates Birthdays Corporate Wide Huntington, WV to Celebrate Over 40 Years in Business!

Huntington, W.Va. (July 10th, 2015) –Fruth Pharmacy has been celebrating the birthdays of each of their store locations all year long. In July, Fruth Pharmacy in Huntington celebrates over 40 years in business.huntingtonstorebirthday

Fruth Pharmacy on 125 Seventh Ave., Huntington West Virginia was the second Fruth Pharmacy location to open, followed by Fruth Pharmacy on 425 Camden Road and Fruth Pharmacy on 1419 U.S. Route 60 East.

To thank customers for 40 years – Fruth Pharmacy will be hosting a birthday event on July 10th – July 18th.

On July 10th, the first day of the event, the store will have a special birthday celebration with cake for customers while supplies last. Each location will be hosting different activities that include an Adopt-A-Pet (to benefit Huntington, Cabell and Wayne Animal Shelter), Sidewalk Sale, Hot Dog Sale, and a Car Wash.

Fruth will be giving away lots of great prizes as a way to say “Thank You” to the community for 40 great years.  Stop in and register for your chance to win a Go-Go Elite Scooter or 32” Flat Screen TV.  There will be other prizes given away all week long, such as gift cards and gift baskets.

Fruth Pharmacy has been a family owned company for over 62 years. Currently, Fruth Pharmacy has over 26 stores in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. To learn more about Fruth Pharmacy, please visit our website at

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Fruth Pharmacy & The National Federation of the Blind of West Virginia, Huntington Area Chapter to Host Demo of New Audio Prescription Label

Huntington, W.Va. (June 1, 2015) – On June 13th at the Cabell County Public Library, Brad Hodges President of the National Federation of the Blind of West Virginia, Huntington Area Chapter, will join Drew Massey, Clinical Services Coordinator for Fruth Pharmacy in demonstrating a new audio prescription label. The audio label demonstration coincides with the Chapters regular monthly meeting, and will begin at 11:00 a.m.

The new audio label was developed by AccessaMed. For the visually impaired or those who have difficulty reading or reading small print, the AccessaMedaudio label makes prescription label reading more safe and convenient. The prescription bottle has a device attached to it with a button. Once the button is pushed, the directions for the medication are spoken in a loud clear voice. Printed instructions are also located on the bottle.

Example of the digital audio prescription label.

Example of the digital audio prescription label.

“Having Equal access to all of the printed information which appears on prescription packaging is a very important thing,” Brad Hodges began, “many people do not have formal training in the alternative ways of doing things without their vision. Blind people often use alternative techniques of blindness, such as putting a piece of tape or something else that can be felt, to distinguish between prescription bottles. If medications feel similar, a mix-up can occur. This may not be problematic if it were a can of soup. You may have wanted chicken and noodle and end up with tomato, however, when it comes to taking prescription medication a mix-up could potentially be life-threatening. Accessamed’s new audio label will improve the safety of prescription medication for many who experience low to no vision, or other print disabilities,” Hodges completed.

Fruth Pharmacy’s goal was to offer a label that made it easier for patients suffering from vision or reading issues to understand prescription labels. After partnering with Accessamed, Fruth Pharmacy is proud to be one of the first pharmacies in the area to offer this technology to patients requiring assistance with their prescription labels.

“Another great thing about Fruth Pharmacy carrying this label is their delivery service. Other items can be delivered along with your prescription. I checked it out, prices are reasonable. You expect to pay a premium for convenience, but not at Fruth Pharmacy. The price of using cabs really adds up over a month, so for our members who don’t have a regular driver this service can be extremely beneficial,” Hodges added.

If you are interested in a demonstration of this new technology, please visit the Cabell County Public Library on June 13th at 11:00. The demonstration will be held in Meeting Room 2, Third Floor. Cabell County Public Library’s street address is 455 9th Street, Huntington, WV. Free refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP to or call Brad Hodges directly at 304-691-0632. RSVP is appreciated but not required.

The Huntington Area Chapter is a part of the National Federation of the Blind, the largest organization of blind people in the country. They are available to help people understand blindness and teach ways to live with blindness. If you need assistance, please contact

Fruth Pharmacy has been a family owned company for over 62 years. With over 26 locations in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky, Fruth Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy, providing immunizations, prescription savings club, prescription counseling, prescription ordering online and with a mobile app, and more. To learn more about Fruth Pharmacy, please visit the website at

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