Fruth Pharmacy Holds Silver Anniversary Golf Tournament

POINT PLEASANT, W. Va, (August 9, 2016) –On July 28, 2016, Fruth Pharmacy celebrated 25 years of helping to raise scholarship funds for deserving college students.

This year’s event, held at the Greenhills Country Club in Ravenswood, West Virginia, trudged on despite the weather.  Opening ceremonies took place inside the clubhouse this year due to the rain.  During the ceremony, Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy took time to recognize the scholarship recipients and the businesses that have helped contribute to the scholarship fund.

“We are very proud this event has helped support many scholarship students,” Fruth began, “this year there are 34 students receiving a Fruth Scholarship. We are grateful that over the past 25 years, the Fruth Family, Fruth Employees, and Fruth Pharmacy’s business partners have helped contribute over $750,000 to scholarships at various local universities and colleges.

Scholarship funds were first established in 1986 in memory of Fruth’s grandparents, Henry E. and Marjorie M. Fruth at the University of Rio Grande. The Fruth Pharmacy Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament began in 1991 and helped create many more scholarships.  Fruth Pharmacy has scholarships at Marshall University School of Pharmacy, Marshall Mid-Ohio Valley Center, West Virginia University School of Pharmacy, University of Charleston School of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy, University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande Technical, Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, Recovery Point, Mountwest Community & Technical College, Cedarville University School of Pharmacy, Winfield High School, and Putnam County Math Field Day.

Community-minded golfers played throughout the day in the rain.  Golfers received a packed lunch, goody bags, and door prizes donated by many of Fruth Pharmacy’s business partners. Due to the weather, the tournament was called to an early end.  Following the traditional dinner, the awards ceremony was held inside the clubhouse with prizes being awarded for Longest Putt, Closest to Pin, Long Drive, Putting Contest, Chipping Contest and four team prizes.

2016 Fruth Scholarship Recipients were: Marshall University: Ali Burdette, Trevor Cantrell, Dylan Lageman, Garret Lageman, Nicholas Lawson, Braxton Maddox, Kody Ramey, Trenton Wamsley, Seth Baisden, Tiffany Miller; Marshall University School of Pharmacy: Braxton Maddox, Eric Vint, and Alicia Woods; Marshall Mid-Ohio Valley Center: NaShayla Fauver; West Virginia University School of Pharmacy: Leeanne Mobayed, Zareena Chughtai; University of Charleston School of Pharmacy: Emily Jarret; The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy: Lauren Levi, Kaci Russell; University of Rio Grande: Destiny Brown, Raquel Sims, Scarlett Denney, Jenn Wright; Rio Grande Technical: Samantha Hamilton; Parkersburg Area Community Foundation: Lanie Craig; Recovery Point: Nick Roberts; Mountwest Community & Technical College: Jeremy Coleman; Cedarville University School of Pharmacy: Jessica Ward; Winfield High: Jeremy Huff, Merryc Batt; Putnam County Math Field Day: Karissa Hudnall, Jaret Brown, Rebecca Harrah, Caleb Kesler, Issac Withrow.

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Fruth Pharmacy Holds 6th Annual Family Fun Day

Point Pleasant, W.Va. (August 3, 2016) – On Sunday, July 17, 2016, Fruth Pharmacy held its 6th Annual Family Fun Day.  This year’s event had a locale change – instead of hosting the event at the Valley Park and Wave Pool in Hurricane – Fruth employees began the day at the Nitro City Pavilion.

From 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm, employees and their guests were able to enjoy a picnic.  Huskeys ice cream was also available to all attendees.   All ages were invited to participate on the giant inflatables.  During the picnic, Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy, distributed great door prizes to some lucky employees or their family members.

After 6:30 pm, the group was able to move across the street to the Nitro Pool.  The pool had been reserved at this time for Fruth employees and their guests.

“Our company is a family company. For this reason, we know the value of our employees and the value of being able to spend time with family.  We are happy to provide a special day of activities that include many things for employees and their children to enjoy,” commented Fruth.

“Many of the activities of Fruth Family Fun Day are geared towards the kids,” Tom Willoughby, CFO for Fruth Pharmacy began, “I bring my kids each year and they enjoy all the different activities that have been planned for them.”

Fruth Pharmacy permits stores to close early based on participation and also will help schedule an employee time off during this event.

Human Resources manned the popular “Fruth Wheel of Fortune”. Employees got a chance to spin the wheel for a door prize.  Other prizes given away this day included: $100 gift cards, $50 gift cards, Camden Park tickets.

Stacy Taylor, Tim Weber, John Galvan, and Lori Russell were lucky gift card recipients.  Dee Weaver won Camden Park Tickets.

Fruth Family Fun Day concluded after several relaxing hours in the Nitro Pool.

To learn more about Fruth Pharmacy or how to join the Fruth Pharmacy team, please visit

Fruth Pharmacy is a regional chain with 29 locations in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Fruth Pharmacy has served local communities for over 63 years.

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Fruth Visits Senator Joe Manchin

Point Pleasant, W.Va. (August 10, 2016) – In March, Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy and Tim Weber, Vice President of Pharmacy for Fruth Pharmacy met with Senator Joe Manchin.

Senator Manchin took time out of his day to discuss pharmacy issues that Fruth Pharmacy wished to discuss.  Fruth brought up increasing access to quality health care and pharmacy services for patients in West Virginia.

“Healthcare laws are changing and in many cases are making it more difficult for patients to have a choice in which pharmacy they can use – to provide the services they want and need,” Fruth shared.  “Manchin is a supporter of enabling patients to have the right to choose their pharmacy and healthcare provider.”

Senator Manchin also took time to discuss fighting the drug issues in the state and what pharmacies can do to help.

“Adding a drug that has meth-making deterrent properties, has been a good move for our pharmacy,” stated Tim Weber. “We are able to offer a product that has the same affect without this drub being able to be used in the process of making meth for those that want to use the product illegally.”

The meeting concluded with Fruth thanking Senator Manchin for his time.

About Fruth Pharmacy

Fruth Pharmacy has been a family-owned pharmacy for over 62 years. Fruth Pharmacy has 29 locations in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. To learn more about Fruth Pharmacy, please visit

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Fruth Pharmacy Customers and Business Partners Help with WV Flood Relief

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Point Pleasant, W.Va. (July 7, 2016) – On Friday, July 1st, a box truck full of donations from Fruth Pharmacy customers and employees left for areas affected by the recent flooding.

There were so many donations, that not all of them could fit on the truck for the first delivery.

After the flooding occurred, Amy Nelson, Gift Category Manager for Fruth Pharmacy, very quickly began bringing Fruth Pharmacy into action.  She called each store location and had donation boxes set-up.  She and other Fruth category managers began calling business partners for assistance as well.  Signs were posted in-store and requests began flooding social media.

Current and retired employees volunteered their time to drive donations to flood-affected areas.  Stover Trucking also offered its services to help drive donations.

Customers that didn’t know what to purchase, requested to be able to donate funds for purchasing of supplies.  Fruth Pharmacy’s Point of Sale staff created a special UPC for monetary donations.  This enabled Fruth to keep track of exactly how much money was collected to help purchase more needed supplies.  Over $5,000 was collected across the 29-location family-owned chain.

Business partner, Heinrich Paper Supply Company, arrived during this week with a truck from their company with another $4,000 worth of clean-up supplies.


In addition to helping bring supplies in for clean-up, donations for children and pets of the flooded areas are also currently being sought.

Grant Butler and Carol Reinbold of Genetco helped Fruth Pharmacy donate thousands of dollars worth of antibiotics and 2 nebulizers to the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association for flood affected area pets.

“So many pets were displaced or lost during the flooding.  To lots of people, pets are part of their family.  For these animals that have been rescued we felt there was a great need in assisting in their care.  Watching a family that has lost everything being reunited with a pet is heartwarming.  Reuniting with a pet brings back hope and normalcy to a family.  That is a big deal during this time.  Fruth Pharmacy felt it was important to contribute to these efforts of the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association,” shared Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy.

“Fruth Pharmacy has gone above and beyond to ensure that KCHA is able to care for local pets that have been displaced by flooding. Because of this donation, these animals will receive the care that they need and deserve,” said KCHA Director of Development, Jessie Shafer. “We are extremely grateful for Fruth’s support during this trying time.”

Fruth Pharmacy’s Over-the-Counter (OTC) Category Manager Barbara Taylor, also has been hard at work gathering first-aid supplies for the Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority (KCEAA).  The first shipment included first-aid kits and hand sanitizer.  339 cases of OTC products will be arriving directly to Scott Depot, WV for first responders and volunteers to pick up and distribute to the flood victims.

Nelson is also helping collect for a toy and book drive for the children affected by the flooding.  Another trailer full of donations will leave Fruth’s warehouse in Point Pleasant, this Friday, July 8th.

Fruth Pharmacy is a family owned company with 29 stores in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. To learn more about Fruth Pharmacy, please visit our website at


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Fruth Pharmacy Now Has Naloxone


Point Pleasant, W.Va. (July 7, 2016) – Fruth Pharmacy is now carrying Naloxone.  Naloxone, also known by the brand-name Narcan, is a safe and effective medication that can reverse the effects of opioid overdose.

You can purchase Naloxone from Fruth Pharmacy now in Ohio.  By the end of July, all Fruth Pharmacy West Virginia locations will also be able to dispense Naloxone.

In both, Ohio and West Virginia, any customer can come to the pharmacy and request to purchase Naloxone.  There is no requirement or proof of need for the customer to disclose to the pharmacy.

“It is a new tool for those with loved ones who have an addiction,” Lynne Fruth explained, “for the parent or spouse who is worried about their family member experiencing an overdose one-day, it is a back-up plan to possibly prevent an overdose from causing death.  When purchasing Naloxone, a customer must be trained on its use.”

“There is a stigma that people will rush out and buy Naloxone and keep on abusing drugs.  It’s not as simple as that,” Tim Weber, Vice President of Pharmacy for Fruth Pharmacy shared, “persons who choose to buy Naloxone are most likely desperate friends or family members worried they will be the one to find their loved one in a life-threatening situation from overdose.  Naloxone works by attaching to the same parts of the brain that react to heroin and other opioids and blocks the opioids for up to 90 minutes to reverse the respiratory depression that would otherwise lead to death from overdose.  This gives family time to call emergency personnel, which is required by law after administration of Naloxone, and essential for proper treatment.  A person who is given Naloxone may be spared death but it is a very painful experience – akin to experiencing full-blown withdrawal symptoms within this timeframe.”

For customers that would like to purchase Naloxone, you may pay the cash price or your insurance plan may have coverage for the product.  There are 3 versions of Naloxone and coverage varies from plan to plan, depending on which version, if any, are covered by the customer’s plan.

Pharmacies in both Ohio and West Virginia must fulfill the request in the same manner as they would fulfill any prescription and are required to provide the customer with information on Naloxone, treatment options, and device training at dispensing.

Naloxone is a safe and easy-to-use product that can save a life; however, it is not a substitute for emergency care.

Fruth Pharmacy is a family owned company with 29 stores in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. To learn more about Fruth Pharmacy, please visit our website at


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